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Garage Door Openers & Repair

Is your garage door opener near Conroe, TX driving you crazy? Coming home from a long day at work just to find that you can’t even get into your garage because of a garage door opener that has failed is a nightmare. So, what are the most common reasons that garage openers fail?

1. Electrical Component Failure
When your garage door remote shows signs of life, but neither the manual switch nor the remote can activate your garage door, then you should check the lights on the motor. If the problem continues, then the issue is a failure of an electrical component and needs to be handled by a professional.

2. Dead Motor
If the lights on the motor are dead, then your garage door motor unit isn’t receiving any power. Once you have checked to see if your garage door is connected to a power supply and checked your fuses or circuit breaker, you should call us at 936-870-5490 for garage door openers and repair.


  1. Thanks for outlining common issues like electrical component failure and a dead motor. Your advice on checking lights, power supply, fuses, and circuit breakers is helpful. For professional garage door opener and repair, I'll keep Walker Garage Door in mind.


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