How Do You Know When The Tension In Your Torsion Spring Is Off?

The main thing that you might notice is that the door is too heavy to lift or too hard to push down. Whether operating your door manually or with an opener, your door should roll up and down smoothly and with equal level of ease. You should never feel like you, or your opener, are fighting the door to go up or down. Sometimes the fix is to adjust the tension in the springs. This sounds like a simple task, and it generally is simple for a trained professional, but not a job we recommend you to take on for yourself. The garage door springs control the rate of speed in which the door travels and can end up coming down too fast. People, animals, and objects can become seriously injured or damaged if the door comes crashing down. We recommend you contact a local garage door repair company to inspect and service your door. If you live in the Conroe, TX area, we would love to help resolve your problems and would appreciate your call.

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