DIY Bathroom Projects

I love There are so many creative and inexpensive ideas that just about anybody with a small amount of mechanical abilities can tackle. Take for instance this article at: Adding pendant lights, changing the floor and/or wall tiles, and swapping out your old hardware for new all seems do-able enough, right? I get sucked in to all of the ideas found on their site, it is like Pinterest, I can look and look for hours...but sometimes doing those little projects is a whole other story. Finding the time and energy or having the right tools to do my simple little project can take me away from tackling them or end up costing a small fortune in new tools. We have the tools and the know-how to tackle these projects and larger ones too. Don't let our name trick you into thinking we only do garage doors, Robert has been working in construction with his dad as a teen and his entire adult career. As a General Contractor, he is skilled at all levels of residential construction and can make your vision come true. Call us today to schedule your consultation at 936-870-5490.


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